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The diverse branches of the True Nation family tree.

True Nation LLC. is a collaboration of certified and experienced professionals, lead by former 3 time natural bodybuilding champion and certified life coach James (TRUE) Reed II.  A diverse team of professionals each certified either in a specific field of expertise to assure innovative pinpoint solutions to any unique challenges one may face.  Or in multiple fields of expertise to help develop a completely rounded and balanced total transformation Mind, Body, and Soul!!!  Feel free to explore our different branches of service to see how we may best suit your company's or you own individual needs. Don't wait, seize your destiny. Unlock the power in you to produce rock solid result and success in every aspect of your life. 

Professional ​Motivational Speaker/Certified Life Coach

True Nation LLC. offers results getting Motivational Speaking, lead by Award winning inspirational speaker and Certified Life coach James "TRUE" Reed II.  Whether it is working one on one with individuals to bring out the greatness hidden inside to working with companies and schools to develop plans to boost moral and thus productivity of both staff and students. 

Certified Personal Trainers/Fitness Professionals

True Nation employs a diverse team of certified personal trainers, nutritionist, and fitness professionals ready to help every client unleash their inner power successfully making dreams into reality.

Fitness Model/ Management Team

True Nation's modeling/modeling management division known as 

DK  Model is not only home to an array of beautiful souls and bodies seen in many ads and promotional events.  But also has been known to be the exposure many need to take their career to the next level.

Youth mentors/Community Development Program

One of the main focal points for True Nation as a company is the positive elevation of not only self but to also uplift and positively contribute to being the change in the world that we dream about. A world where love is chosen over hate, equality removes hypocrisy, a world where we are honorable human beings period.  

Corporate programs to increase productivity, health, and morale.

It is a well proven fact that productivity is directly connected with the health of the moral.  A Staff that believes not only in themselves but also in the common goal as a collective team is a staff that will not only continually produce but evolve into a fully focused and tremendously efficient team. And that newly inspired team is now trained by the professionals of our team to build the morale ,help remove self sabotaging practices. Inspire not only self worth but also positive pride and work ethic. Thus unlocking your companies full potential soaring to heights never before achieved. The investment in your employees health is an investment to which the return is only limited by how high you wish to aim.

What our customers are saying

"True Nation is really the best of the best all working together for the greater cause and consistent progression.  The owner James "TRUE" Reed II and his staff leave  no doubt in your mind that YOU are their priority and bringing out the very best in you in every aspect is what they are outstanding at.  Whether it is through their experienced staff of certified professionals or though their extensive network of services and business, no matter what challenge you may face True Nation LLC. will not rest until goals are met and dreams are made into reality"

Deanna Nanez Owner/Manager of DMT D's Management and Training

Apparel​ and ​Gear

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