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Certified personal training programs

Dungeon Krew Fitness and it's affiliates team up to provide an unmatched service to take your transformation to a whole other level of domination.  The domination of your goals and any and all challenge that may need to be overcome in order to make your dreams into reality.  Contact DK Fitness today and see how we can help you elevate yourself to a level of heath and performance never before imagined.  Whether it is just to live a heathier lifestyle and get into the shape of your life, or advance training focused on taking your conditioning and athletics abilities to an elite level of performance.  Dungeon Krew Fitness and it's affiliates have what it takes to take you to the very top of your game.  Contact us now to learn more and start making your dreams into a reality.

DMT D's Management and Training

DMT (Deanna’s Management and training) is a company based on the hard work and dedication that champions are made of. In fact DMT, and its partnerships with other industry leading companies, is the home of and in the business making champi​ons. Whether you are an established OR up and coming athlete looking to take their game to the highest level, or simply wishing to be better at life, Deanna’s Management and training can help you unlock your greatest potential. DMT has the contacts, resources, and team to make dreams into reality. Contact us and see how DMT can help you achieve ultimate success mind, body, and soul. Learn more about the opportunities and services DMT has to offer. Don’t let a mediocre team rob you of the rewards of your hard work, dedication, and dreams. Let DMT and its partners conquer your personal or business challenges while helping you unlock your full potential.

DMT is an affiliate of True Nation LLC.

Services and products of DMT

DMT offers a variety of products and services all geared towards unlocking greatness and helping you and/or your business progress to the highest level of success and efficiency. Everything from athlete’s affairs management, promotion, and brand making, to individual training and self improvement skills to help you achieve your dreams of ultimate success and happiness.

Athlete’s Affairs Management:

DMT offers a range of management and promotional services focused on taking your fight career to new heights never before thought obtainable. Packages like our VIP package: which not only includes the creation and launch of your new logos and brand; Fight and event promotion; professional trainers, personal coaching, and various affiliated schools of training to elevate your skills to their absolute best; and much more giving you the advantage in every aspect of your life and career. To any single service or combination of services best suited to fit your personal or business needs.

Logo Making and Branding:

DMT and its affiliate True Nation LLC. provides personal logo, gear & apparel, and promotional campaign, design and creation; creating you or your company into its own money making promotional master piece. There is no other better way to promote your business or yourself then by creating and owning your very own brand name!

Professional Training & Affiliated Schools/Coaches:

DMT and its affiliates True Nation LLC., Dungeon Krew Fitness Trained To Go Fitness provides professional certified personal coaching and training to help elevate and condition you for next level domination. We are also associated with Ronin Muay Thai (Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Judo), Dying Breed Jiu Jitsu (Jiu Jitsu), and a host of other schools and gyms for a complete training boot camp that makes champions. 

Trained To Go Fitness

TTG Fitness is home of Certified trainer Cordell Ashford

Ronin Muay Thai

Charlie "Hollywood" Brown


Gonzalo-Dying Breed

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